Uva do Monte – special hideaway South of Lisbon


Some spots are that special that you would rather keep them to yourself. You know what I mean right? Uva do Monte is one of those little gems, hidden away in Alentejo, the countryside of south central Portugal. The good thing is that it is also in walking distance of the ocean, so if you ask me, location wise it doesn't get any better than this.

The purpose of my visit here was a workshop food photography and styling retreat hosted and taught by two the talented ladies; Beth Kirby and Sanda Vukovic Pagaimo. It turned out to be a wonderful setting to explore the surroundings we were in, but also to have the accommodation as a backdrop for our photography.

When the blueberry farm was renovated the owners made sure to keep it's authenticity. There is a communal area where breakfast is served and where you can prepare a meal for yourself if you wish to do so. You can also use this space to read a book or listen to music. The light in this space is phenomenal. You feel absolutely at home the moment you enter this space. The pink (!) building next door houses 12 rooms, all decorated with unique vintage items from the area. By the way if you're in for some vintage shopping, furniture and accessoires, this is your go-to area.

There is a small swimming pool should you want to cool off at some point, which is very likely if you're traveling between May and October. For more info & bookings: My Boutique Hotel    
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About a half an hour drive from Uva do Monte, restaurant Escola in Alcácer do Sal is definitely worth a visit. Delicious authentic Portuguese food, situated in an old primary school - as the name suggests :).
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