Parisian street style

french look

Thinking of true Parisian style, immediately the term 'effortless' comes to mind. As well as 'nonchalant' and 'timeless'. Here 5 simple style elements to get that Parisian look going..

french look
french streetstyle
paris streetstyle

A first must is the striped breton top, preferably combined with a beige trenchcoat and some red accessory (shoes, lipstick or bag).

paris look

Tweed; a true Parisian classic

overhemd style
paris looks

A narrow fitted men's shirt with tight pants for that power, professional and fresh...ehm French look.

shop the look paris

Small tops, jackets and vests.. for 'la petite francaise' 

little black dress
little black dresses
LBD tough

Finally the "little black dress" that can be worn chique or rather nonchalant with a leather jacket, like here. 

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